Carol Lynn Merritt posed on a bluff East of The Turner's Ramon, NM ranch house, with Grandma Turner's dog, Bobby. Bobby could always whip my dog, Tip. Carol Lynn Merritt, Adrienne's friend, who lived on a neighboring ranch, at Ramon, NM

Carol Lynn Merritt with Vaughn New Mexico High School Eagles Tee Shirt - The photo was made on the farm North of Portales, NM. A tank behind Carol was stocked with bass and blue gill by The State Game Department. Harold, Carol Lynn and Ronnie Merritt's, brother helped Adron build fences on his ranch. Adron commented that Harold was a very hard worker who could really dig post holes in caleche rock.

Harold Lloyd Merritt
July 17, 1931 - October 25, 2007

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Ronnie Merritt School Day Picture Vaughn, New Mexico. When the Merritts came over to visit, and it was time for them to go home, Ronnie and I would start begging to spend the night with each other. We wouldn’t take no for an answer. We usually got our way.

The Back of Ronnie's School Photo.

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Ronnie Merritt - The Cowboy

Location: Portales, NM Farm. Circa 1948

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Ronnie Merritt & Terry Turner
(Ronnie came up with this Pose)

<Carol Lynn Merritt sitting on the bluf on loco draw great view>

Carol Lynn Merritt - Bluff overlooking Loco Draw

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