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Terry and Adrienne
Portales, NM

Terry and Adron
The Alamo ~ 1947

Terry and friend Larry Helton Ft Sumner, NM

Terry Turner, five years old wearing his Dad's hat and boots;


Terry and Friends ~ Ft. Sumner, NM

<terry playing with a net in the front yard of the ranch house. The water tank, wind charger, grandma turner's hired hand's bunk house and white bluf of loco draw shown in photograph>
Terry playing with a net Adron bought at an army surplus
store. Water Tank ~ Wind Charger ~ White Bluf shown...

<terry on the street of el paso, albuquerque or may be roswell>
Terry: Location may be
El Paso, TX

<terry riding a horse with his bb gun at portales house>

Terry Turner on horseback with BB Gun -
Mom scolded me for shooting a Mocking Bird.
It was OK to shoot sparrows...

<Terry, Johnie and Adron at port lavaca texas>

Terry, Johnie and Adron

Terry, Lynn McGuire and Adron
Location: Tres Ritos, NM

Terry and Johnie
Loco Draw North of ranch house.


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