<donna and adrienne studio portrait bows in hair>

Donna Rombold & Adrienne


<donna and adrienne playing with dolls front yard of ranch house>

Cousins Donna Rombold
and Adrienne Joyce Turner With Dolls

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<adrienne donna sheila mildred turner girls standing on running board of old car rock house and ranch house can be seen in the background>

Adrienne Turner, Donna and Sheila Rombold and

Mildred (George Turner's Daughter)

<donna adrienne sheila riding a horse the old grey mare color photo>

Donna, Adrienne and Sheila

<young adrienne and donna rombold hugging houses fence and old car and outdoor toilet in background>

Adrienne Joyce Turner and Donna Rombold

<adrienne sheila tennis stars>

Adrienne and Sheila

<eddy sheila donna sitting on big rock in the breaks ramon diamond a ranch>

Eddie Sheila and Donna at "The Breaks."


<three girls in snow bank may be eddie may downer on right>

Eddie May Downer ~ on right

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