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...I wanted to send you this comment regarding a couple of the pictures I looked at in the material that Terry sent the other day... they reminded me of an experience I had with Uncle Adron shortly after I came back from overseas:

I spent several days at the ranch with you guys and on one occasion Uncle Adron and I went to Roswell together on business. After taking care of that and before heading back Adron pulled into what people now call a "flea market" and we spent at least an hour and maybe more just looking around. I couldn't believe it, but when he saw a man with enough barrel staves to fill the whole bed of our pick-up truck he haggled with him and bought the whole lot.

All the way back to the ranch I was wondering and wondering "what in the world was he gonna do with all that load of barrel staves?" Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I asked him what use he intended to put those stave to?  He said: "don't have anything in mind...just got a real good deal on 'em; and, who knows, maybe someday I'll need 'em and I'll have 'em."  When we got back to the ranch the two of us spent another hour storing them behind a barn.  I've often wondered if he ever used them; and, if he did, what in the world did he use them for??

 When I saw all those old tires in one of the pictures Terry sent and some of what appeared to me to be trash in a pile in one of the other pictures, it brought back the memory of what I just told you about.

 My very best to you all,

(Adron Turner’s Niece, Ruby Estelle Boykin Will and Ralph Will’s Son (Posted: 09.25.04))

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