THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS OF SERVICE - Three of the original group of women
who formed the "Rancherettes" of Fort Sumner in March, 1935, are present in
the above group which met in the home of Mrs. Adron Turner last Friday west of
Portales. From left, front, Mrs. W. A. Fronabarger, Mrs. Archie Daugherty,
Mrs. Curtis Martin, Mrs. Edna Kyle, Mrs. Adron Turner; back, Mrs. Glen Hisel,
Mrs. Jack Wilmeth, Mrs. Ray Head, Mrs. Claude Walker, and Mrs. Bolly Boykin.
Some of the women no longer live in the Fort Sumner area so their meeting was
in the nature of a reunion. (News·Tribune Photo) 1973
Rancherettes' goup comes here
from Fort Sumner for meeting

An organization which was
formed in 1935 in Fort Sumner
had a meeting at Portales last
week with three of the charter
members present, and others
with almost as long a connection with the club.

The group is known as the
Rancherettes, and they have
meetings once a month. Some of
the present members were not
yet born when the club was first organized.

The Portales hostess was Mrs.
Adron (Johnie) Turner, who
lives just west of the Portales city
limit on the Floyd Highway; she
as one of the charter members,
and the other two were Mrs. W.
A. (Dale) Fronaberger of Fort
Sumner and Mrs. Adaline (Glen)
Hisel, Yeso.

Other members attending were
Edna Kyle, Mrs. Curtis (Lillian)
Martin, Mrs. Ray (Agnes) Head,
all of Fort Sumner, Mrs. Jack
( Rita) Wilmeth, Mrs. Archie
( Margaret) Daugherty, Clovis,
and Mrs. B. B. (Pauline) Boykin.
Mrs. Claude (Wanda) Walker of
Portales, Mrs. Head's daughter
was a visitor,

The women each brought a dish
of food for the noon meal and
spent the day visiting and talking
over the years since their first
meetings, They have functioned
as a service club, carrying on
homemaking projects, and
assisting in such community
projects as the Fort Sumner
nursing home and the Senior
Citizens organization there, as
well as promoting ranching-
interests in the area.


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