Letter To Johnie From Ethel Downer

Texola Okla

July 22, 1924

Dear Johnie how are you this morning hope you are feeling better by now. We are all feeling fine. We sure had a good rain yesterday eve and it is raining this morning. The garden sure looks fine. I have kept the water from the windmill running on it and kept it from burning up and this makes it look like a spring graden it is so green.Had first mess of string beans yesterday but will have lots now and have put up 1 gal. of ...... that much more than we could eat papa and me sowed a turnip patch this morning the meeting started Sun.did Ruby let you know about Jessie Mae. We got a telegraph Sat. that she died that morning at 7 oclock and that they would start at 4 oclock to Grandbury with her poor 2 child I allways did think that she did have T.B. I sure feel sorry for Abe. Ruby said that he taken it so hard when the Dr. told them that was what was the matter We had a letter from Aunt Johnie yesterday but all she wrote was telling about Jessie Maye. When will you start home Will be glad when you get home. say I went to a party Sat night about 1 [ ??] Mrs Borls has a boy see. Well will quit for this time as it is time to get dinner. Ans soon

Your Mama

Well this is Wed. morn got your letter yesterday eve sure glad you are coming home Fri. the Mercantile was robbed last night will are trying to wash this morn by by mama