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<hardy downer standing in front of downer house texola ok>
<Hardy and Bessy Downer, Johnie Turner's father and step mother. Year: 1949.>
Hardy and Bessy Downer, Johnie Turner's father and step mother. Year: 1949.
<downer group>

Terry, the man on the left side of Hardy (the one on the front row, in the white shirt) is my father, Burton Thomas Downer. He was the oldest child and only son of Arasmos Bruce Downer.
Comment by: JoAnn Pennington

Terry, thanks for the picture you sent me. I had never seen it before I saw it on your website.

I think this must have been made the year (19926/1927) that Burt and the Downer brothers went to Greenbrier to see the children of Aunt Mollie (Elizabeth Downer Brannan). She was the half sister of the brothers and had died in 1918 in the flu epidemic.

As best I can tell the people in the picture are the following: back row-Max Downer, Burt Downer, Bruce Downer, Otis Brannan (Aunt Mollie's son). middle row-John Brannan, One of the 2 young boys in caps is Fred Brannan. Bottom row-I believe the man in the straw boater is Sam Brannan, man with cigarette is Doyle (Pep) Brannan, Hardy Downer, Burt Downer (my father). I have no idea who the lady is--can't see her face well enough.The young man to the left of Uncle Hardy is also unknown.

Thanks again for sending it.

JoAnn Pennington (11.07.08)


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