Lynne's Photo Gallery
• Burt, Mary, Bruce, Pauline, Pearl and LaNelle
• Bruce Downer & Miss Mary Callaway Marrage License 1906
• Bruce holding Pearl 1911
• Pearl standing by car
• Pearl ~ High School
• Pauline Downer ~ Graduation
• Bruce & Mary Downer
• Bruce & Mary Downer Memorial Obituary
• Burt 7, Pauline 5, and Pearl 3 (1914)
Burt age 7, Pauline age 5 and Pearl age 3. Children of Bruce Downer and Mary Mallisa Callaway Downer. Photo made in 1914.
• Class Photo 1 Pearl Downer & Eddie Downer
Photo 1 - Second row -far right last two girls - are Pearl Downer and Eddie Downer.  There is no date on this but my Mother had written the names of every single person in this photo on the back!
• Class Photo 2 - 6th & 7th grades - 1924/25

Photo 2 - 6th and 7th grades - 1924/25 and all the names are written out on the back of the photo.  Eddy Downer is in the back row - (The teacher, Miss Wilson and then Eddy is the 4th girl).  Pearl is the 5th girl in the 3rd row.)

• Texola School

The man and car:  I do not know who the man is but the school in the background is "Texola School."

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