<Thomas Downer Constant Clark Constant Downer  rian Perez Jonathan David Perez. terry and adrienne's aunt who lived in houston texas. She was married to charlie reece, who was a building contractor. She had one daughter, deloras, who was married to "red." she had one daughter peggy.>

~ Billie Jean Downer Reece ~

(Johnie Turner's Sister)

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James Arthur Downer,  Ruben Wallace Downer,  Bryon L downer,  Homer Marvin Downer,  Margaret Ann Downer,  Samual A Carr,  ( Page 6) Samual A Carr II,  Thomas A Carr,  George l Carr,  Isabell Carr,  Donald Alexander Downer,  Fannie Dobbs, George Lee Downer,  John Commodore Downer,  Mary Elizabeth (molly) Downer,  Mary Molly Downer,  James William Brannan,  John Oliver Brannan,  Samuel Curtis Brannan,  Annie Brannan,  Rommie Brannan,  Otis Owen Brannan,  Ruby Brannan,  Molly Mildred Brannan,  Johnnie Magnolia Downer,  James Evans Berry,  Hardy Warren Berry,  Jesse Mae Berry,  Ruby Ethyl Berry,  Eugene Brown Berry,  Maxie Berry,  Bobbie Lou Berry,  James Douglas Berry,  Johnnie Allene Berry,  Katie Daffin Reed,  J B Reed,  Hardy Warren Downer,  Ethyl May McCollum,  Edward McCollum,  Viola McCollum,  Johnnie Viola Downer,  Johnie Viola Downer,  ( Page 7) Ennis Gurley downer,  James Marion Andrews,   Evelyn Ida Andrews,  William Lee Andrews,  Missouri Carolyn Andrews,  James Luther Andrews,  Charles Lewis Andrews,  Mamie Lula Andrews,  Mae Bell Downer,  William Oliver Bates,  Dillion Bates,  Nellie C Harris,  Gladys Irene Bates,  L E Bond,  Thomas Jefferson Bates ,  Mary Ruth Dobbs,  Ruby Velma Bates,  Bernice Cleo Bates,  Johnnie Richard Downer,  John Thomas Hilyer,  Olena Hilyer,  J L Thomas Hilyer,  Ora C Hilyer, William Arthurlee Hilyer,  David Washington Hilyer,  Melvin T Hilyer, Mildred E Hilyer,  Lottie Mae Hilyer, William Charley Downer,  Fannie Elizabeth Bowman,  Alvis Homer Downer,  Estelle Long,  Olan Clayton Downer,  Emma Mildred Sizemore,  Dessie Mae Bell Downer,  Jessie Irene Downer,  William Carl Downer,  Lola Mae Faulkner,  Ruby Carene Downer,  Leroy Faulkner,  Ethyl Cora Downer,  Alvis Forry Jones,  James Hobert Jones,  Mattie Elizabeth Freeman,  Arville Henry Jones,  ( Page 9)Willie Brown Downer,  Eddie Mae Downer,  Arosmus Bruce Downer,  Mary Melissa Callaway,  Burton Thomas Downer, Mary Pauline Downer,  Claude Brooks,  Lucile Pearl Downer,  Minnie LaNell Downer,  Joseph Max Downer,  Mary Allene Hand,  Jim Tommie Downer,  Maxine Downer,   Thomas Burton Downer ,  Ada Beatrice Callaway,  Clara Rebecca Neely,  James Neely,   Hallie Davis,  Ralph Burton Downer,  Bruce Janet Downer,  Roe Robert Decker,  Burton E. Richards,  Robert E Childers, Tom Bernyl Downer,  Jack Harry Downer,  Warren Alexander Downer,  Wanda Margaret Downer, ( Page 8) Lonnie Horace Jones, Willie Gwendolyn Seymore,  Willie Bidlow Jones,  Lola Mae Jones,  James Lennie Davis,  Sara Ollie, Downer,  Lucious Delmer,  Ola Mae Delmer,  Mable Lee Delmer,  Margie,  Louise Delmer,  William Lloyd Delmer,  Rufus Pete Downer,  Rosa Simmons,  Rufus Downer,  Fred Downer,  Margaret Downer,  Mary Grace Downer,  Jabie Graham Newton,  Mary Colon Newton,  James T Newton,  Phyllis Newton,  Joseph Newton,  Rosella Newton,  Walter Adam Downer,  Minnie Mills. Charles Thomas Downer,  Sadie Downer,  Walter Downer Jr,  James Downer,  Ruby Downer,  Nancy Downer,  Clarence Gaddy,  Thomas Gaddy, Mary Louise Gaddy,  Fred Gaddy,  Mildred Gaddy,  Nannie Gaddy,  ( Page 10) Mary Francis Downer,  Phillip Downer,  Annie Bailey,  Junior Downer,  Bob Downer,  Shirley Downer,  Audrey Downer,  Sandra Downer,  Ruth Downer,  Giff Dutton,  Charlie Hinson, Roger Dutton,  George Robert downer,  Lucretia Currie,  Lula Downer,  Blanche Downer,  Annie M Downer,  Robert Downer,  John Bunyon Downer,  Jennie Bell Mills, Mary Virginia Downer,  John Henry Gruber,  Charley Redd,  Ruby Lorraine Downer,  Lewis Brought Calvert,  Johnny Mack Blakley,  Ronnie Jerry Manley,  John Bunyon Downer,   Rev Thomas Earl Downer,  Dorothy Ruth downer,  Betty Jean downer,  John Paul Downer,  Samual Mills Downer,  George Franklin Downer,  Mattie Covington,  W E Downer,  Peggy Case,  Mattie Downer,  Ed Livingston,  Frank Downer,  Betty Jones,  ( Page 11) Doris Downer,  Ed Williams, Lucy Downer,  Lester Jackson, W T downer,  Pearl Chaplin, Claudia Downer,  Louise Downer,  Margis Downer,  Ray Downer,  Lee Downer,  Bunnyton Calvin Downer,  Janie Barefoot,  Henry Downer,  Maude Downer, Nettie Downer,  Andrew Downer,  Sallie Mills, Jim Hatcher,  Eli Hatcher,  Murray Hatcher,  Thelma Hatcher,  Mary Mills, Frank Tyson, Adelia Jane Tyson,  Mabel Tyson,  Bish Tyson,  Alice Mills, Bob Mills, ( Page 12) William Archie Downer,  Martha Liles, Blanche Whitley,  William Ben Downer,  Elizabeth Roberts,  Blanch Whitley,  Julian Furman Downer,  Clara Allen, Hampton Martin Downer,  Julian Furman Downer Jr,  Francis May Downer,  Evelyn Gaddy,  Vera Josephine Downer,  William Robert Downer,  Frances May Downer,  Martha Gladys Downer,  Edwin Carver Downer,  Grace Pauline Tarleton,  Catherine Currie Downer,  Nancy Joyce Downer,  Edwin Carver Downer Jr,  Stewart Webb,  Minnie Sullivan,  Edith Webb, Virginia Webb, Frances Webb,  Noah Chappell,  Alfred Chappell,  Vernon Webb,  Etta Sullivan, ( Page 13) Alma Webb, 
Floyd Webb,  Stewart Webb,  Omelia Webb, Argus Webb,  Pearlie Turner,  Pauline Webb,  Reid Webb,  Turner Webb,  Fred Webb,  Effie Webb,  Alvin Covington,  Maggie Covington,  Earl Covington,  Lena Covington,  Jewel  Covington,  James Arthur Downer,  Vera Smith,  Elizabeth Downer,  William Glen Owen,  Doris Downer,  John Chambers,  George Lee Downer,  Ethyl Holden,  George Downer,  John Commodore Downer,  Sally Carter,  J D Downer,  Ruby McGowan,  Fannie Louise Downer,  Billie Jean Daphene Downer,  Jesse Mae Berry,  ( Page 14) Ode Britt Berry,  Ruby Ethyl Berry,  Trenholm Cleveland Davis,  Albert Ross Smith,  Hazel Trenholm Davis,  Johnny Loveless,  Warren Cleveland Davis,  Billie Jean Smith,  Ellen Georgene Smith,  Eugene Brown Berry,  Lottie Lee Lacky,  Alva Gene Berry,  Maxie Berry,  Wade Lackey,  Lottie Lacky,  Bobbie Lou Berry,  Clarence Dobbs,  Dennis Dobbs,  James Douglas Berry,  Alvie Leona Twinger,  Beverly Jean Berry,  Gary Lynn Berry,  Sheila Ann Berry, Jonnie Allene Berry,  James Melvin Cox, ( Page 15) Betty Lou Cox,  Tommy Leon Cox,  Katie Daffin Reed,  Neuhaus,  Jim Neuhaus,  Peggy Neuhaus,  Joyce Neuhaus,  Margo Neuhaus,  Johnie Viola Downer,  Adron Medlan Turner,  Adron Medlin Turner,  Adrienne Joyce Turner,  Terry Lynn Turner,  Willie Brown Downer,  Cicero Myrick,  Charlie Reece,  Delores Myrick,  L R Helton,  Eddie Mae Downer,  Rufus Rombold,  Donna Yvonne Rombold,  Sheila Mae Rombold,  Carol Elaine Rombold, Linda Darlene Rombold,  ( Page 16) Burton Thomas Downer,  Meredith Brannan,  Jo Ann Downer,  Meredith Kay Downer,  Lucile Pearl Downer,  William Leonard Price,  Nelda Lynn Price,  Minnie LaNell Downer,  Olvin Aaron Price, Patsy Ruth Price,  Joe Neal Price,  Maxine Downer,  Harold John Hertel,  Larry Joe Griffith Hertel,  Haroletta Jean Hertel,  Ralph Burton Downer,  Grace Elizabeth Taylor,  Beatrice Grace Downer,  Elizabeth Ann Downer,  Thomas Burton Downer,  Tom Bernyl Downer,  ( Page 17) Alvin Marlow Barcafar,  Tom Downer,  Margaret Claire Barcafar,  Carolyn Barcafar,  Jo Ellen Barcafar,  Jack Henry Downer,  Betty A Frost,  James Frost,  Ester Bradshaw,  Jack Thomas Downer,  Bruce Warren Downer,  Warren Alexander Downer,  Ineda Belle Viles,  Rebecca Don Downer,  Wanda Margaret Downer,  James Thomas Callian,  Wanda Downer,  James Callian,  Michelle Denise Callian,  James Thomas Callian,  Joe Patrick Callian, Hereford Taylor, Hassie Williams,  Mary Colon Newton,  John Hicks Sasser,  James Howard Sasser,  Judy Cheryl Sasser,  Susan Marie Sasser,  ( Page 18) Kenneth Graham Sasser,  Benjamin Thomas Sasser,  Ralph Arnold Sasser,  Merle Stephen Sasser,  James T Newton,  Grovene Nance,  Sandra Newton,  Vincent Newton,  Phyllis Newton,  Joe Eddins.  Avis Eddins.  Christie Eddins,  Mary Eddins,  Greg Eddins,  Bryan Eddins,  Joesphine Newton,  Ted Edwards,  Rosella Newton,  Arlie Burroughs,  Cecil Burroughs,  Mariana Burroughs,  Jennie Burroughs,  Joan Burroughs,  Jerry Burroughs,  Savell Burroughs,  Jean Burroughs,  Sadie Downer,  Sharp Goodwin,  Beverly Goodwin,  Jim Freeman,  Walter Goodwin,  Martha Allen,  Mary Ellen Goodwin,  John Goodwin,  Mike Goodwin,  Debbie Sheppard,  Kress Goodwin,  Donald Goodwin,  ( Page 19) Walter Downer,  Louise Clark,  Katherine Walter Downer,  Terri Downer,   Adam Downer,  Ruby Downer,  ,Joe Winfree,  Joe Winfree,  David Winfree,  Paul Winfree,  Barbara Winfree,  Jeff Winfree,  Annie M Downer,  Leroy Bowman,  Ruby Bowman,  Jay Bowman,  John Bunyon Downer Jr,  Bessie Magdaline Faller,  David Lee Downer,  Rev Thomas Earle Downer,  Christian Carter,  Belinda Sue Downer,  Albert Haley, Geraldin Downer,  Debra Kay Downer,  Larry Wayne Downer,  Dorothy Ruth Downer,  Sherwood  Alton Millikin,  Ronald Millikin, Donald Millikin, David Dean Millikin,  Linda Diane Millikin,  ( Page 20) Betty Jean Downer,  Lonnie Donnie Thompkins,  Anna Marie Thompkins,  Patricia Ann Thompkins,  Donnie Lee Thompkins,  Anna Marie Thompkins,  Patricia Ann Thompkins,  Donnie Lee Thompkins,  Samual Mills Downer,  Carolyn Maxine Sanders,
Jonathan Lee Downer,  Kenneth Allen Downer,  Joy Bell Downer,  Henry Downer,  Helen Louise Horton,  Thomas Theodore Downer,  Carolyn Janette Downer,  Harry Summer,  Joseph Henry Downer,  Mack Hatcher,  Pauline Dawkins, Dale Dawkins Hatcher,  Bob Mills,  Margie Surratt,  Sara Mills,  Hampton Martin Downer,  Barbara Burns,  Donna Downer,  Frank McAlister,  Debra Janine Downer,  Jeffery Griffin, Della Jane Downer,  Liston Joseph Watts,  ( Page 21) Julian Furman Downer Jr, Martha Martin, Terri Downer, Vera Josephine Downer,  Clifton Young,  Pam Young,  Nancy Young,  William Robert Dower,  Mary Sheppard Jarman,  Frances Elizabeth Downer,  Frances May Downer,  Henry Freeman,  Susan Freeman,  Henry Freeman,  Christopher Freeman,  Martha Gladys Downer,  Fulton Tucker,  Julia Diane Tucker,  John Fulton Tucker,  Jane Tucker,  Laura Tucker,  Catherine Currie downer,  John Clyde Neal Jr,  John Clyde Neal III,  William Liles Neal,  Steven Downer Neal,  Julie Catherine Neal,  Julie Catherine Neal,  Nancy Joyce Downer,  ( Page 22) John William Batykefer,  Dawn Anita Batykefer,  John William Batykefer Jr,  Dena Adelle Batykefer,  Edwin Carver Downer Jr,  Mary Bacon,  Agnes Gilmore, Susan Joy downer,  Mary Elizabeth Downer,  Virginia Webb,  Decatur Jones,  Frances Jones,  Douglas Jones Phillip Jones,  Alfred Chappell,  James Chappell,  Bobbie Sue Chappell, Nick Lovin,  Ed Ormsby,  Alma Webb,  Arlie Warner, Doris Warner, Joe Warner,  Arline Warner,  Floyd Web,  Dorothy Donlyson,  Floyd Webb,  Dorothy Donlyson Joan Webb, Zebbie Webb,  Stewart Webb,  Rachel Hunt,  ( Page 23) Bernie Webb,  James Webb,  Omelia Webb,  Reid Thrower,  Ricky Thrower,  Maggie Covington, Betsy Reynolds,  Neal Cadiell,  Billy Reynolds, Warren Cleveland Davis,  Almetta Lee Merritt,  Barbara sue Wood, Bunny Davis,  Pam Davis Jack Lynn Davis,  Mike Warren Davis,  Jerry Wayne Davis,  Valdrina Davis Trenholm Davis,  Billie Jean Smith,  Pete Musgrove,  Marsha Musgrove,  Ellen Georgene Smith,  Cicero Clower,  Edward Milton Slover,  Vickie Leigh Clower,  ( Page 24) Aaron Wayne Slover,  Deana Claudene Slover,  Robert Brian Slover,  Alva Gene Berry,  Alta Woodard,  Pamela Joyce Berry,  Gary Stoddard,  Karen Janice Berry,  Douglas Nations,  Beverly Jean Berry,  George Albert Peterson,  Robert Lawrance  Peterson,  Angela Denise Peterson,  James George Peterson,  Summer Diana Peterson,  Sheila Ann Berry,  Ronnie Watley,  Douglas Shull,  Ronnie Thad Watley ll,  Danielle Michelle Watley,  Heather Shull, Holly Shull, Betty Lou Cox,  Carlton Lewis Smith,  Susan Diane Smith, David Kleinhans, Carlton Lewis Smith JR,  Shelia Kay Smith,  Perry Grave,  Jeffery Frank Smith, Kelley McCrae,  Tommy Leon Cox,  Mararet Elizabeth Hirsch, ( Page 25) Scott Thomas Cox,  Linda Wooster,  Drew Leon Cox,  Linda Faye Ray,  Karen Dee Ann Cox,  Jeff Riley,  Jim Neuhaus,  Diane Michelle Neuhaus,  Justin Neuhas,  David Dale Neuhas,  Ingo Neuhas,  Diana Michelle Neuhas,  Peggy Neuhas,  Carral Jones Smith,  Michael Wayne Smith,  Melanie Kay Smith,  Joyce Neuhaus, James Maloy, Cheryl Lynn Maloy,  Candice Lee Maloy, Dawna Michelle Maloy, Tommy Loyne Maloy, Adrienne Joyce Turner,  Bennie Lee Taylor,  Alan Lynn Taylor,  Karen Elaine Taylor,  Terry Lynn Turner,  Janell Seagler,  Linda JaNell Seagler,  Ja Nell Seagler,  Kelly Jane Turner,  ( Page 26) Ronald Adron Turner,  Donna Yvonne Rombold,  William Elijah Walker,  Christie Joyce Walker,  Misty Gale Walker,  William David Walker,  Dana Darlene Walker,  Sheila Mae Rombold,  Royce Logan Samples,  Terri Dawn Samples,  Dan Calhoun,  Maria Jenna Samples,  James White,  Lorretta Michelle Samples,  Terry Van Buren,  Carol Elaine Rumbold,  J C Wright,  Connie Denise Wright, Micheal Jay Wright,  Linda Darlene Rombold,  Robert Montgomery,  James Thomas Green,  Alisa Rene Montgomery,  Mark Green,  Jeffery Green,  Jo Ann Downer,  Marion Glenn Pennington,  Michael Eugene Pennington,  Jay Burton Pennington,  Marion Kay Pennington,  ( Page 27) Michelle Jean Brown,   Meredith Kay Downer,  Frank Garnet Stone III,  Melissa Jo Ann Stone,  Brian Gary Stone,  Nelda Lynn Price,  Jerm William Goodwin,  Edmund J Kuhne, Robert Lynn Goodwin ,  Jason Price Goodwin,  Bruce Bailey,  Patsy Ruth Price,  Walter Carl Natho Jr,  David Carl Natho,  Lisa Kay Launius,  Amy Susanne Natho,  Joe Neal Price, Retha Earlene Cook,  Jay Cook Price,  Jon Kevin Price,  Jana Lynn Price,  Larry Joe Griffith Hertel,  Betty Ann Auld,  Diane Marie Griffin Waldrep, Carmen Marie Hertel,  Carrie Sue Hertel,  Kayla Jo Hertel,  Kyla Jane Hertel,  Timmie Don Waldrep Hertel,  Haroletta Jean Hertel,  ( Page 28) Larry Van Couch,  Daryl Scott Van Couch,  Lesley John Van Couch,  Beatrice Grace Downer,  Earl Pophin,  Pamela Ann Pophin,  Walter Ralph Pophin,  Elizabeth Ann Downer,  Ron Henderson,  Robin Grace Henderson,  Brett Clark Henderson,  Thomas Burton Downer II,  Mary Ellen Burnet,  Thomas Burton Downer III,  Charlotte Elanore Downer,  Christine Amanda Downer,  Margaret Claire Barcafar,  Carroll Pettit,  Robert Lee Marshall,  John Scott Wardrip Jr,  Carolyn Barcafar,  ( Page 29) Howard  J Kilgore,  Lisa Gwen Kilgore,  Ralph Arnold Kelly,  Deivn Wade Kilgore,  Kimberly Gayle Kilgore,  Jo Ellen Barcafar,  Clinton Joe Gibbs,  Rebecca Jill Gibbs, Jana Suzanne Gibbs,  Jane Anne Gibbs,  Jenny Allison Gibbs,  Jack Thomas Downer,  Floy Irene Sutton,  Jack Thomas Downer II,  Nelda Gross,  Robert Christofer Downer,  Bruce Warren Downer,  Tris Ann Kring,  Tess Alexandria Downer,  Brook Celeste Downer,  Rebecca  Don Downer,  Ronald Blocker,  Micah Ronnie Blocker,  Tracy Shannon Blocker,  Michelle Denise Callian,  Eugene James Boyle Jr,  ( Page 30) Douglass A Boyle, Chirstofer E Boyle,  Gabrielle A Boyle,  Joe Patrick Gallian,  Devilyn Grace Rice,  Walter Grave Snelson,  Edward Travis Lloyd,  Gail Anne Snelson Lloyd,  James Robert Snelson, Kyle William Snelson,  Dena D’awn Downer,  James Ellis Dean,  John Thomas Dean,  James Jason Dean,  Jordan Cassidy Dean,  James Howard Sasser,  Carol Louise Wilson, Sheila Sherer Mitchell,  Jeffery Carl Sasser,  ( Page 31) Janet Carol Sasser,  Donna Louise Sasser, Judy Cheryl Sasser,  Curtis Richardson,  Danny Richardson,  David Richardson,  Susan Marie Sasser,  Jerry Burley,  Allen Burley,  Kenneth Graham Sasser,  Mary Jo Jenkins,  Steve Sasser,  Renee Sasser,  Benjamin Thomas Sasser,  Sue Sue Choe,  Gina Sasser Tommy Sasser,  Ralph Arnold Sasser,  Bobbie Batten Underwood,  Barbara Sasser,  Merle Stephen Sasser,  Eomie Locklear,  Joann Sasser,  Christy Sasser,  Robert Sasser,  Donald Millikin, ( Page 32) Deborah Danford,  Monica Millikin, Barbara Milikin, Linda Diane Millikin, Maton Winston Woodward,  Christian Roland Lapensi,  Matthew Woodard,  Susan Rebecca Woodard,  Christian Roland Lapensi IIII, Debra L Kay Millikin, Winston Rubin Hewett,  Samantha Dawn Hewett,  Anna Marie Thompkins,  ( Page 33) Kenneth Haywood Benton,  Kenneth Haywood Benton II,  Douglas Dean Benton,  Jennifer Marie Benton,  Patricia Ann Thompkins,  Buddy, Gainey,  Sarah Jane Gainey,  Donna Lee Thompkins,  Gloria Danna Lynn Thompkins,  Anna Marie Thompkins,  Kenneth Haywood Benton,  Kenneth Haywood Benton,  Douglas Dean Benton,  Jennifer Marie Benton,  Patricia Ann Thompkins,  Thomas Theodore Downer,  Gretchen Morgan,  Morgan Elizabet Downer,  Peyton Ashley Downer,  Andrew Thomas Downer,  Joseph Henry Downer,  Elaine Walker,  Elizabeth Ashley Downer,  John Clyde Neal III,  Kelli Washburn,  John Allen Neal,  Laura Elizabeth Neal,  William Liles Neal,  Sandra Barr,  Sheree Baxter,  William Liles Near Jr.,  Christopher Nicolas Neal,  ( Page 34) Steven Downer Neal,  Lela Ruth Goodwin,  Jennifer Monte Neal,  Andrea Charlotte Neal,  Julie Catherine Neal,  Robert Michael Poplin Sr,  Katie Michelle Poplin, Elizabeth Jane Poplin, Robert Michael Poplin,  Dawn Anita Batykefer,  Matthew Worsham,  Kelsie Grace Worsham,  Holli Worsham,  Susan Joy Downer,  Keith Partney,  Keith Linglebach,  Cahterine Partney,  Amanda Linglebach,  Mary Elizabeth Downer,  Randy Angel,  Chelsea Rebecca Angel,  Logan Ross Angel,  Doris Warner,  Carroll Crisco,  Tommy Crisco,  ( Page 35) Joe Warner,  Frances Outen,  Sherry Warner,  Nancy Warner,  Bunny Davis,  Haskell Curtis Greenroyd,  Christy Dee Greenroyd,  Casy Lee Greenroyd,  Chance Curtis Greenroyd,  Pam Davis,  Gary Ray Davis,  Alisha Shantay Davis,  Clay Warren Davis,  Stephanie Rochelle Davis,  Jock Lynn Davis,  Clara Sue Stephans,  Stephen Paul Davis,  Laura Diana Davis,  Emily Lynn Davis,  Mike Warren Davis,  Cheryl McKelvey,  Micha Shea Davis,  Johnnie Conrad Davis,  Brean Elizabeth Davis,  Jerry Wayne Davis,  Christine E Anderson,  ( Page 36) Shannon Nichole Davis,  Kyle Wayne Davis,  Valdrina Davis,  John William Pilger,  Cora Ella Pilger,  Jeron Lee Pilger,  Trenholm Davis,  Andrea Dawn Rath,  Laveta  Jean Davis,  Herbert Davis,  Diane Michelle Neuhaus,  Donna Pedess,  Alan Lynn Taylor,  Sara Sue Bertramsen, Brandon Lee Taylor,  Karen Elaine Taylor,  Gregory Jerome Cuomo,  Douglas Adron Cuomo,  Erin Michelle Cuomo,  Stephen Matthew Cuomo,  Kelly Jane Turner,  Robert Michael Woods,  ( Page 37) Krystal Nichole Woods,  Rebecca Victoria Woods, Christie Joyce Walker,  Lanny Keith Lovejoy,   Diedra Jean Lovejoy,   Adam Keith Lovejoy,   William David Walker,  Connie Sherie Mason,  William Leander Walker,  Alek Davin Walker,  Dana Darlene Walker,  Randy Keith Bowman,  Philip McGowan Bowman,  William Derek Bowman,   Mary Elizabeth Bowman,  Mark Green Traci Griffin,  Katelin D Green,  Morgan E Green,  Jay Burton Pennington, Carla Sue Rice,  Rachel May Pennington,  Rebecca Joann Pennington,  David Jay Pennington,  Lauren Elizabeth Pennington,  Marion Key Pennington,  ( Page 38) James Alfred Klafka, Kimberly Gail Klafka,  Melissa Jo Ann Stone,  Scott Allen Ledford,  William Garrett Ledford, Nathan Allan Ledford,  Mary Melissa Ledford,  Jon Kevin Price,  Jana Lynn Tuttle,  Jay Cook Price,  Lared Lee Price,  Carmen Marie Hertel,  Jerry Wayne Laird,  Jacob Gage Laird,  Carrie sue Hertel,  George William Bruffey III,  Tanner James Bruffey,  Claire Elizabeth Bruffey,  Tess Olivia Bruffey,  Kyla Jane Hertel,  Coby Micheal Yeager,  ( Page 39) Kaci Paige Yeager,  Kristian Bailey Yeager,  Timmy Don Waldrep Hertel,  Donna Lee Wright,  Hunter Don Hertel,  Skyler Ray Hertel,  Robin Grace Henderson,  David Russel Hixon,  Aaron Matthew Hixon,  Austin Micheal  Hixon,  Thomas Burton Downer III,  Christina Shipman,  Julia Downer,  Jacob Downer,  Janet Jeannie Petitt,  Kevin Bron,  Kristin Laurel Brown,  Jerrod Kevin Brown,  William Damon Carrol Brown,  Shannon Michelle Pettit, Michael Lynn Doumert,  Erin Michelle Doumert,  Lauren Renae Doumert,  Anthony Micheal Doumert,  Jana Suzanne Gibbs, ( Page 40) Jaycee Barbosa,  Jack Thomas Downer II,  Nelda Calene Goss,  Jack Thomas Downer III,  Robert Christopher Downer,  Patricia Kay Rogers,  Megan McKinzie Downer,  Landi Shye Downer,  Kooper Tel Downer,  Gail Anne Snelson Lloyd,  Jason Wayne Bullock,  Travis Wayne Bullock, Charles Clay Bullock,  Zachary Clint Braddock,  Janet Carol Sasser,  Rev Earl Thomas Rogers Jr,  Carl Thomas Rogers Jr,  Barbara Sasser Charles Richards,  Eddie Richardson,  Mandy Richards,  Christy Dee Greenroyd    ,  ( Page 41) Chris McCombs,  Cody McCombs,  Cole McCombs,   Rachel May Pennington,   David Brian Perez,  Jonathan David Perez.








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