Ralph R. Will Married Last Week


It will be of considerable interest to the student body to hear of the marriage of Ralph R. Will, of the class of '21 to Miss Estelle Boykin, of Portales, March 17, 1923.
As the "Major" was thought to be such a confirmed bachelor by his schoolmates and friends, the news of his marriage came a something of a shock. Ralph is a graduate of Long Beach High School and later come to N.M.A.C. where he enrolled as a freshman, but like many others had to put off his education to answer the call of Uncle Sam, and consequently did a "stretch" in the world was as a "share-tail."
Returning to school after the signing of the armistice, he again set to work to figure why horses don't cackle and turkeys don't lay eggs in the fall.
During the last two years in college he was major of the battalion, business manager for the Swastika for the year 1919-'20, and editor of the Round-Up in his senior year. He was a two-year letterman in football and in the May Day election of ‘21; he was elected "most popular fellow" and "man with the best line." Besides all of these major activities he had a little time to study and was valedictorian of his class.
Graduation on the first of June,'21, he went to Portales. Roosevelt County, to take up his work with the extension department of this state. In this work he had been very successful, having organized several cooperatives, associations which have proven of great benefit to the entire county.
Mrs. Ralph Will is a sister of Bert "Bolly" Boykin, well known to the students of 21-22, and a cousin of "Sandy" and Clint Fairly. The newlyweds expect to remain in Portales for the present.