Bolly Boykin ~ Adron Turner's Nephew, Adrienne Turner Taylor and Terry Lynn Turner's First Cousin.
Bolly Boykin was one of Adron's favorite nephews, and fellow homesteader. He was an engineer on the Santa Fe Railway back in the days of the steam powered locomotive, and then later engineered diesel electric powered trains.

• He was instrumental in getting me a summer job, as a fireman, on the railroad at Clovis, NM.

• Phone service was not available at his farm, so he constructed his own phone line.

First Cigarette

I smoked my first cigarette, in front of my folks, at Bolly Boykin's house. Bolly and Pauline had my folks and me over for dinner; after dinner Bolly offered Larry and me a cigarette, which we accepted, and smoked. Bolly knew that Larry and I smoked, so he thought he would embarrass us by challenging us to smoke in front of our parents.

Bolly's Hobby

In the 1950's chinchilla production became popular. Bolly liked to experiment with new concepts so he invested in several breeding stock pairs. He built in their garage to house the chinchillas, and Larry was assigned the responsibility of their feeding and care; Larry had them all named and knew which ones, would bite your hand, if given a chance. Bolly later commented that he entered the market too late to make any real money raising chinchillas.

Bolly Boykin The Engineer

One summer we "traded houses" with the Boykins. Their house was at Anaheim, CA in the middle of orange groves. It was exciting to stay there because they had black and white TV and I got to watch my favorite wrestler, Ali Bay. It was a great place to play because I could go bare footed, without getting stickers, because there weren't any goat heads there.

Bolly and Paluline Gravestone