Turner, Samuel Eason (b. 10-3-1846, Marion Co., Ala., d. 10-20-1914, Young Co., Tex.) was farming in Sommerville Co., Tex. when he came to Roosevelt Co. In May 1899 to file on land. He settled 2 1/2 miles on the Bethel Road N.W. of Portales, He m. Glen Rose, Tex., Serena Adaline Willis, b. 12-30-1856, Jackson Co., Ala. Children:
A. Lela O'Quilla, b. 8-28-1875, d. 9-29-1956, m. Gene Myrick. Children:
1. Ciscro Myrick, m. 3-24-1926, . 2. Lella Myrick, m. Marvin Gipson.
B. George Wade, b. 1-3-1878, d. 5-23-1971, m. 1st. Mara May. Children:
1. Flora, m. Jeff Lemley. 2. Raymond, m. Minnie McGuire. 3. Alvin, m. Lorene ______ .
George W. Turner m. 2nd. Children:
4. Estelle, 5. Ruth. 6. Mildred. 7. Delora.
C. Moten, b. 1880, d. 5-15-1926. Child: Willie Lee Turner. D. Sara Elizabeth, d. 12-1883, d. 7-3-1950, m. Bill Boykin, Children:
1. Estelle Boykin, b. 7-1901, d. 6-1933, m. 1-1-1923, Ralph R. Will. Children: Ralph R. Will, Jr. and Frank Will. Bolly Burt Boykin, b. 2-2-1903, m. 1-1929. Pauline Sallee.
E. Carol. m. Walter Morris. Children: Jack, Loyd, Ana Bell, and Inez. F. Polk W., b 1886, d. 11-22-1931. m. Bertha Walters, no issue. G. Mary Alma, b. 1888, d.
11-22-1933, m. 1st. Tom Caraway. Child: Ted Caraway. Mary Alma m. 2nd. Clovis Downing. Children: Nallie. Willis. Clovis, Jr., Joe. Virginia, and Douglas. H. Celestial (Tudy), b. 1890, d. 1972, m.
12-1909, Joe Fain. Children: Archie, Medlan, Mary, Orva, Sam, Helen, and Joe Ann. I. Cornelia (Bug). b. 1892, m. 1910, Cass Hester. Children: Fay, Otto, Bonnie, Lucille, and Adron B. J. Adron Medlan, b.
2-7-1894, m. 1-9-1932, Johnie Downer. Children: Adron Neal, Adrienne Joyce, Alan Merl, and Terry Lynn. K. Alford Willis, b. 5-1896, d. 5-1973, m. Ressie _______, no issue.
Settler was the son of James Wade Turner, b. Jackson Co., Ala., d. 1892, Glen Rose, Tex. and Sara Elizabeth Strahon. They m. Marion Co., Tex. Other Children: A. Thomas Hillard, b. 1884 , d. 1919. B. Elijah Clint, b. 1850, d. 1933. C. Sarah Ogenie, b. 1-2-1853, d. 2-2-1891. D. Robert, b. 1855, d. ca. 1920. E. Frances, d. 1924. F. Bonnie Eliose, b. 1868, d. 1949. G. James, b. 1871, d. ca. 1958.
Settler's Wife, Serena A, Willis Turner, was the child of George W. Willis, b. 8-17-1830, Jackson Co., Ala., d. 1863, Jackson Co., Ala. and Elizabeth Rogers, b. 11-14-1863, Jackson Co., Ala., d. 11-14-1932, Young Co. Tex. They m. 3-27-1855. Their other children were not known to Adron Turner.
Settler and his father both served in the War Between the States from Marion Co., Tex. Samuel and Serena Turner were charter members of the Methodist Church in Portales, 1899. It was organized the year they landed in this town. He came to N.M. by wagons. Three different families, all relatives, came together. Sam Turner, his wife, Serena, and eleven children; the oldest child was 24 and the youngest one was three years of age. He filed on land N.W. of Portales and lived there untill 1909. Then he decided to move to Yeso, N.M. and bought a merchantile store. After four years, on account of his health, he and his wife and two youngest sons, Adron and Alford moved to Gaham, Tex. where he d. in 1914 at the age of 68. Later Adron moved back to Poratales where he is living in 1974.

Submitted by Adron Medlan Turner
From: Early Settlers of Roosevelt County, New Mexico. Edited by Dona L. Stone and Pearce S. Grove


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