Wringer washing machine

Little rock house

Chicken killing contest

Masterful chocolate cake


Embarrassing moments

Navajo Desert

Mother's Indian bracelet

Old Black Kettle

Delicious Mud Pies

I broke wind!

Granny's House

Poor Old Tip

New Mexico sunsets

Dora, dora, dora...

The joke...

The Rest of the srory...

See those two old men...


JoAnn Pennington photo ID

Am I a Fireman Yet

Monday Flag

Sheila and I both cried...

Adrienne, Terry & Ben
First Day of School

Please Pray...

I was married to two WWII heroes...


57 Chevy

Sad Story...

Water Tank

If I were younger...

Roll-top Desk

Birthday girl

Collie Puppy

They Were Men